IMAB Technologies (Pty) Ltd is a proudly South African borne provider of Single Axis Tracker and Fixed Tilt Mounting Solutions for Utility Scale and C&I PV projects.

The company forms part of the larger IMAB Engineering and Transvaal Galvanisers group of companies, which were founded in 1974 and 1984 respectively. IMAB Engineering is a market leader in the fabrication of steel power transmission and telecommunication towers whilst Transvaal Galvanisers has a monthly galvanising capacity of over 10,000 tons, is home to the largest galvanising plant in the southern hemisphere and is one of South Africa's top galvanising plants (www.transgalv.co.za).

With in-house pressing, punching, laser cut & bend, robotic welding, fastener manufacturing and galvanizing facilities, IMAB Tech is the only vertically integrated mounting systems supplier active in the South African market and this combined with other local advantages such as maximum local content, BBBEE, job creation, etc makes IMAB Tech a compelling partner to any project in South Africa. 

As a 3rd party fabricator, the IMAB Engineering and Transvaal Galvanisers group of companies have vast experience in the fabrication and galvanizing of several major PV & CSP projects in Sub-Saharan Africa including:

  • 46 MWp Linde PV (Scatec - Terrafix)

  • 86 MWp Dreunberg PV (Scatec - Terrafix)

  • 86 MWp Prieska PV Solar Park (Sunpower)

  • 100 MWe Ilanga CSP (Acciona – Senner)

  • 100 MWe Kathu CSP Solar Park (Acciona – Senner)

  • 86 MWp Koonkoonsies PV (Canadian Solar - PiA Solar)

  • 46 MWp Aggeneys PV (Canadian Solar - PiA Solar)

  • 86 MWp Waterloo PV (juwi Renewables - PiA Solar)

  • 78 MWp Bokamoso PV (juwi Renewables - PiA Solar)

  • 86 MWp Droogfontein PV (juwi Renewables - PiA Solar)

  • 11 MWp NCF & Tandi PV (Jabil Energy - PiA Solar)

  • 24 MWp Loulo PV Mali (JA Dalmas Catepillar - PiA Solar)


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